DecPlay - The Piano Revolution

The Fastest Way to Learn to Play Piano

DecPlay is a revolutionary new piano tuition method and form of music notation that uses an ingeniously simple technique to achieve incredibly fast results. Most people can play their first tune to a moderate level within an hour and can play it competently within 1 day - to a level only expected after dozens of lessons using traditional tuition methods!

This 'FastPlay' method is aimed at pop music (but also includes classical) and uses numbers and patterns to produce amazing results incredibly quickly.


Success and Mission

DecPlay has over 3000 registered users and has had outstanding success with both children and adults, working with a wide range of organisations. Our mission is to open up the opportunity to experience the joys of playing music, to the all.


Private Tuition

DecPlay founder Declan Cosgrove provides private tuition for a limited number of clients. For further details email