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DecPlay Range of Piano Tuition Methods   
DecPlay's range of different piano methods enable you to play piano with freedom, confidence and fun.
Rapid progress is achieved by teaching the hidden patterns within music and avoiding the need to learn traditional notation.  

3 Step Process 

1) Knowledge - Music DNA


Understand the simple patterns that make learning music easy

2) Piano Skills

Learn playing patterns that make learning your first songs quick and easy, using the FastPlay method and DecPlay songs sheets.
You then have the choice to progress to step 3 or to advance your skills (using song sheets) including:-  
  1. FastPlay - Rapid results
  2. SingPlay - Play accompaniment for Singing
  3. ProPlay - Professional Style 
  4. ChordPlay - Playing from chord sheets 
  5. ImproPlay - Improvisation
  6. ComposePlay - creating your own compositions / songs
  7. KeyPlay - Instantly transpose to different keys
  8. DotPlay - Transition to and from traditional notation
  9. EarPlay - Playing by ear (without sheet music)


3) Play By Ear

Learn to play by ear, so that you can play songs without needing song sheets at all. Once you are fluent with this skill, you can play any song that you have heard before, which is a fantastic skill to have at parties or other social occasions. 

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