Online Video Courses 

DecPlay Range of Piano Tuition Methods 
DecPlay's range of different piano methods targets different styles of playing, with the foundation for all skills being the 'FastPlay' method
FastPlay Course - (learn quickly / foundation for all styles)
Stage 1 - Learn the 3 core FastPlay skills -play a song (usually within 1 hour)
Stage 2 - Improve your playing style with FastPlay Advanced skills  
Stage 3 - Learn more songs from the song library
Options to Develop Your Skills 
  1. ProPlay - Professional Style / Improvisation
  2. ChordPlay - Playing from chord sheets / Improvisation
  3. EarPlay - Playing by ear (without sheet music)
  4. ComposePlay - creating your own compositions / songs
  5. KeyPlay - Instantly transpose to different keys
  6. DotPlay - transition to traditional notation


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