“I didn’t think that it was possible to make such progress in playing piano within an hour – but now I’ve see it with my own eyes – DecPlay is incredible!”

Richard ThompsonRichard Thompson


Chairman of :-

  • Surrey County Cricket Club
  • Mama Group PLC – largest UK independent festivals and Music Venues business
  • M&C Saatchi Merlin – International talent management company
  • Debrett’s People of Today – Publisher of UK's definitive book of people of influence  
   George HookJason BradburyPhil Trow - BBCAdam - Key 103



“This is amazing, I’ve always wanted to play the piano and I never thought I would learn it so quickly!”

Phil Trow – BBC Presenter


“Can you also feed the 5000 because this is miracle stuff!”
George Hook – Newstalk Radio 


“DecPlay transforms the complexities of music so you can enjoy playing songs immediately – its amazing!”
Jason Bradbury – TV Presenter – Gadget Show


“I’m not ready for the Albert Hall yet, but this is unbelievable, in an hour to be able to play like this”
Adam Catterall – Key 103Drive Time Presenter 




Key 103 studio

“For over 40 years my dream has been to play the piano. I’m determined to make that dream a reality. I want to say Thank You, to all the people at DecPlay, for instilling in me, the courage to pull this dream from my bucket list, and finally get started. I can’t explain the excitement that came over me. After only a few minutes of reading your tutorial that you sent to me, I was playing something I recognised as music coming from my keyboard. The worksheets were great, easy to read, easy to understand and informative. What an inspiration you are to all of us looking to play the piano.”
Rod Stewart, USA


“As a trained pianist, I watched Mel, a work colleague, go from someone who had never previously sat at a piano to being able to play Silent Night, with two hands and without missing a note in less than an hour. I honestly didn’t think this was possible and the progress that could be made using DecPlay with only small amounts of practice was clear to see. I was so impressed.”
Chris Morris, Managing Director – LateRooms.com


Newstalk studio

Tina Redford – Head of Learning and Development – BrighterSound.com

“Decplay is the most effective new method of teaching piano that I have seen and has had an overwhelmingly positive response from both classically trained and self taught members of our team. I fully expect it will transform the piano song sheet market.”


Sheila Richey (Texas)

I am enjoying the course very much… My mother came over I had just been listening to course for less than an hour and I played Star Bangled Banner for her, while she balled like a baby!



Julia Hull

Declan and George HookI’m working my way through fast play plus and it’s great -I did grade 3 piano when I was a child and have been trying to improve my playing for a few years now -this method is so much simpler! I thought the tips on improvisation in the fast play pro are good and I’ve enjoyed adding a few bits to some of the song sheets I’ve downloaded, which I haven’t had the confidence to do before!


Jason Tavaria, Founder – Dolphin Music

“Running one of the biggest online music retailers in the UK, I had heard about DecPlay but it sounded too good to be true ….. I took the 1 hour challenge …….it works – incredible!”.


Jenny Blue – Retired

“I have always wanted to learn to play the piano, and finally at age 62 and retired, bought a keyboard and got started. I found the traditional way of learning so incredibly hard I almost gave up. But then came upon the Decplay method and decided to give Fastplay a go !. I was I have to admit a tad sceptical regarding the notion of being able to play recognisable tunes after only one hour but that is exactly what I found myself doing, using the simple numbers, colours and patterns of the system.It is just so exciting and playing songs so fast is great for one’s confidence.


BBC Studio

I would say to anyone who wants to play, dont hesitate, go ahead and give it a go. If I can do it, anyone can. Thank you Declan for this truly amazing idea and for giving me this opportunity.”


Joanna Yeldham, TV Producer

“DecPlay’s achieved what no-one else has over the last 25 years – it’s re-kindled my enthusiasm for the piano. As a lapsed player I was struggling to pick up where I left off as a teenager but, after just 10 minutes of DecPlay, I was playing ‘Fairytale of New York’ fairly fluently and felt as if I’d made infinitely more progress that afternoon than in all the aborted attempts over the years to pick up where I left off. I’m really excited about carrying on now I’ve started again!”.


Education Manager – HMP Prison

I want to endorse the Dec Play programme which has inspired prisoners to take an interest in playing the piano within the first morning session. The programme is based on learning to play the piano through an ingeniously simple method using numbers and patterns. The prisoners have thoroughly taken to this method and look forward to their DecPlay sessions. It has also helped them work with each other as they decide as a group what they want to achieve and is helping to develop their music, mathematical skills and also is improving their overall learning and self confidence.


Jason Cozens, Company Director

“I took the 1 hour DecPlay Piano Challenge – I had never touched the piano before and I could play Hallelujah after 30 minutes – amazing!”


Liz Bonney, guitarist

“I can learn any song with this method …“its amazing how quickly you can see the patterns, without having to read sheet music”


Abigail, Classical Piano Teacher

“All my pupils so far have picked up the DecPlay method within half an hour, and some have picked it up instantly. It has also been a good way in to playing by ear, which I have been trying to find a good way to teach for ages. It is a more creative way of playing – a real joy!”


Alex, Student (age 13)

“I really enjoyed the Decplay method, I can’t get over how easy it was. I’m definitely going to continue to practice and learn more songs”


Esme, Student (age 11)

“It’s great how you’ve got words to play and sing along to”


Charlotte, Student (age 14)

“Its a good way to learn, it will be really useful in my school”



Raphael, Student (age 11)

“DecPlay is a good idea – its a bit like guitar TAB – I hope they do some Grunge song sheets”


Owen, Student (age 11)

“Its a good way to learn songs”


Bryson, Student (age 13)

“I learnt to play Eminem really quick.. DecPlay is cool ….”


Ella Student (age 6)

“I like it better than traditional notation”


Becky, Student (age 8)

“Playing Hallelujah makes me smile.”